Acupuncture is a centuries old modality developed in East Asia. It consists of gently stimulating  fine needles on energy points along traditional acupuncture channels. Most patients find the treatments painless and very relaxing.  Needles are the primary modality used in acupuncture, but depending on the condition being treated, any of the following adjunct therapies may be used: 


Moxa or Moxibustion is a heat based therapy.   Compressed herbal chinese mugwort (artemisia argue) powder is burned in proximity to an acupuncture point, providing warmth and relaxation to the area.   This is a tonifying and strengthening application. It is used to boost the source Qi of a channel,  to relax tissues and promote circulation in areas of chronic tightness and injury. 

Cupping  is a therapy that may be used prior to needle placement or occasionally, in it's place.  Glass cups create a vacuum suction on the treated area.  Connective tissue and muscle knots are effectively released.  It is used for areas of chronic pain and tightness, for lingering swelling around an injured area, and as a a therapy for stubborn chest colds.  A variation on cupping is called sliding cupping.  A single vacuum cup glides on the area of tightness releasing tightness on the entire sinew (musculo-tendinous) area.  

Guasha is a gentle gliding therapy on the skin surface.  It is used to stimulate circulation and promote a rapid healing response in areas of muscle tightness and injury.  Clinical studies show that guasha increases oxygenation to the tissues by up to 400%.  Applied to the neck and upper back, it is also Chinese first aid therapy for the common cold. 

TDP infrared heat lamp therapy is a far infrared lamp used in clinical acupuncture settings in China. The TDP lamp provides long-lasting warmth throughout the treatment.  Far infrared heat has been shown to speed up the healing process in damaged tissues.  The healing properties of the far infrared radiation are amplified by  mineral disc through which the heat is projected allowing the far infrared heat to revitalize  deepest tissues inside the body