Initial acupuncture visit: $200.  The initial visit includes a full health history, dietary, supplement and herbal recommendations, and a full acupuncture treatment.

Follow-up acupuncture visit: $125  Follow-up visits include a brief consultation, acupuncture.

Follow-up acupuncture with cups/guasha: $150. A follow up visit with additional chinese style body treatments.

Patients with financial hardship, please enquire about hardship discounts.  

There are a small number of student/artist/senior citizen low cost slots available throughout the month. These are also available to any other patients who qualify for medicaid. 

Insurance:  we are currently accepting out-of-network insurance.  Contact us with your insurance info (member number, date of birth, and provider number from the back of your insurance card) for 24 hour insurance verification.   If you are not the main policy holder, please enter additional information about the policy holder in the fields below.  

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