Spring has arrived!

It seems like we have just turned the corner from the snow and sleet filled days of February.  Whether the warmer days are here to stay for the duration of March, or another snowstorm awaits, several tips for balancing the energy will help you feel your best during this transition. 

Liver Cleansing.  In Chinese medicine, Spring is the season associated with the rise of liver energy. The liver is the repository of blood and qi,  is the motor which circulates energy in the body.    During winter, our body and the liver,  lie in relative dormancy due to cold and reduced sunlight.  We require more rest, are dealing lowered immune system, fighting off colds and flus,  latent aches and pains may resurface due to natural tightness and constriction caused by prolonged cold weather.  Winter is a time of conservation.  Our motor, the liver, is running low. 

As the outdoor temperature and exposure to sunlight begin to drastically increase in March our bodies start revving up suddenly, and in the process, begin discarding stagnant remnants from the three months of winter.  The liver is waking up, but has the huge task of setting everything back in motion.  Latent sinus or lung congestion can result in headaches, stiff neck and upper back.  Back and general muscle tightness of the winter can transform into sudden pulls or strains as we start moving around with speed and purpose, enjoying the longer days and sun.  Significant  fluctuations in energy ranging - from feeling buzzed and excited to sudden fatigue, sleep disturbance and lethargy are all signs of the body's sudden shift to active gear.  

As the liver struggles to process all these changes, we can aid it, by including fresh green juices and lots of fresh green vegetables to help the detoxification process.  They will provide liquid minerals that will maintain muscles suppleness and help flush out winter stagnation.  

Herbal supplements such as dandelion and milk thistle can significantly improve liver function and provide a needed boost in energy.  

Lemon water, a glass of water with up to 1/2 fresh lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar drink  - up to 1 tbs per 8 oz glass, to additionally balance the energy and hydrate.  

And last but not least,  a seasonal acupuncture treatment to rebalance the circadian rhythms and tune the liver and gallbladder channels for entry into spring will move you smoothly into a fresh cycle of activity.